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Basswood Elementary School fifth graders participate in career fair

Basswood Elementary School fifth graders participate in career fair

Fifth graders from Basswood Elementary School recently participated in a career fair. The fair was held in the library media center on May 17. 

The career fair included over 40 volunteers from a variety of fields, including nurses, veterinarians, an event planner, a fire inspector, a barber, an attorney, a photojournalist, an electrical engineer, a florist, a therapist, an interior designer, a marketing manager and even a horse trainer, accompanied by a mini horse! 

The students moved table to table in pairs, hearing from each of the panelists about their jobs and careers. The students learned about the training and education required for each job, things they like about their jobs and how what the students are learning in school right now as fifth graders will help them in their careers later on. The students had the opportunity to ask the panelists questions, such as previous jobs they have had and what kind of work-life balance they have.

The students not only learned about many careers that they could potentially go into someday, but also learned important skills like how to shake someone’s hand when walking up to them and how to network.